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Frequently asked questions

  1. What do we get out of participating in the Frankfurt BankenCup?
    Football and finances are always a common denominator. In addition, this is a team sport where success in the tournament can only be achieved through good team interaction. Especially during these tough time it allows you to interact pleasantly with other financial institutions.

  2. Why should we participate in the Frankfurt BankenCup?
    The Frankfurt BankenCup is a “duty tournament” for all banks. In addition, your bank/ financial company will receive positive media coverage (RheinMainMedia, Banken Magazine, and RheinMainTV). Furthermore, with so much competition in a large industry, this event provides fun for the participants of the financial sector. The larger your team and crowd, the more present your firm will be for media coverage.

  3. May I participate as a “non” bank?
    The tournament is open to all employees of the financial sector to participate: banks, savings banks, financial institutions, and financial sector companies as sponsors.

  4. What are the requirements for the tournament to take place?
    The tournament will be held if at least eight teams have registered, so that a real tournment can be played in two groups. If there are not enough teams to hold the tournament, all teams that have registered will be refunded.

  5. What does the 250 Euro registration fee include?
    In order to make smooth implementations the tournament incurs certain costs, which some are mandatory.

    • Event Costs
      Insurance, paramedics, administration and organization of the event, registration management and team coordination, tournament director, referee, permits, security, parking, presentation, space rental, water, music, cleaning rooms and booths, art, decoration, signage, electricity, delivery and dismantling, cups, communication, toilets, legal costs. Your company also benefits from the reporting before and after the event through various channels through logo placement and the naming of the participants.

    • Media Costs
      Your name printed on rotating banners on the homepage, logo publication in the special issue of the RheinMainMedia, team results and performance in a special issue, and additional press releases.

    • Advertising Material Costs
      Podcasts and individual team photo shoots

    • Homepage Costs
      Your company’s name on the homepage

  6. How many participants do we need to register?
    Each team consists of five players (4 + 1 goalkeeper). We recommend a minimum of 8 players, so there is a minimum of three substitutes available. As many fans and supporters can come as you like; there is no minimum requirement of fan/supporters needed to participate.

  7. Can we add additional participants at a later date?
    Individual participants can be altered and added at a later date.

  8. As participants of the tournament, where will our company’s name be displayed?
    The participants are listed on the homepage, in the RheinMainMedia, the banking magazine, in BankMagazin in the banking class and the banking club. In addition, team photos will be given to the media. For a detailed media coverage, please look at our media timeline under “layout”.

  9. Can any savings bank or financial institution employee play for any team?
    Only bank employees exclusively from the bank can play for their banks team. However, there is a possibility for banks or savings banks to synchronize together as one team. This must, however, be made clear on the application. The use of non-industry players is only allowed after consultation prior to the tournament. In exceptional cases, and key positions (e.g. goalkeeper) a special permit is possible.

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