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Frankfurter BankenCup


What is the BankenCup?

Kick off for the first Frankfurt BankenCup!

At the Frankfurt BankenCup, the ultimate football tournament of the financial industry, it is for once not about money but rather for glory and honor. Invited are football teams from banks, savings banks, and financial institutions, companies in the financial industry, and of course all the colleges, fans, and supporters. The tournament is played with at least 6+ 1 goal keeper onside, so there is a chance for good performance, as this amateur football event. The event is an ideal opportunity for a whole family outing.

The Frankfurt BankenCup wants to foster team spirit in the industry and provide the economic and sporting potential, which the city once ago demonstrated. A sports event which seamlessly fits into the series of the “Iron Man“ and “JP Morgan-Chase Race.“ But above all, this event is about fun and providing a sign of optimism in current hard times. For the truth lies in the future of the banking center in Frankfurt …

In advance, you can see what the sponsors, participants, and organizers have to say. Just click on the videos!

Interview Tanja Michelberger Interview Oliver Roth
Tanja Michelberger,
Wirtschaftsförderung Frankfurt
Oliver Roth,
Close Brothers Seydler Bank AG
Interview Michael Paris Interview Michael Härtlein
Michael Paris,
Abenteuerspielplatz Riederwald e.V.
Michael Härtlein,
Veranstalter Agentur Mainline

4. Frankfurter BankenCup 2013

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